Fleur de Friday… The Beginning

Mi amour des fleurs.

My love for flowers began when I was a young child.  I fondly remember picking fresh flowers in our yard, putting them all together, then running inside to give the bouquet to my mom.  Little did I know, flowers would one day be a huge part of my life.

Ten years ago, I was in school to become an event planner.  I was also planning my own wedding.  I decided to take some local floral design classes and quickly fell in love with creating beautiful designs with fresh flowers.  At that point, I realized I wanted to mesh together being a floral designer and event planner.  I also decided to do something crazy.  I would create all the florals for my own destination wedding.  I believed if I could do my own, I could do someone else’s. My Walt Disney World wedding was my guinea pig.  I completed the arrangements, and they were beautiful.  To this day, I still look back and think to myself, “my wedding was absolutely perfect.”

I began planning weddings and creating beautiful florals shortly thereafter.  My first wedding was for a Florida State University couple.  Their colors were red and yellow, and the bride loved tulips.  We had tulips everywhere. It took me two days to do all of their flowers and to set up for the wedding.  When the bride walked in and saw everything I had done, she cried.  She was over the moon, and I knew I had found my calling.

I realized after that first wedding that I wanted my designs to represent me and my worldly thoughts and creativity.  I learned great things from the local floral design classes, but the style wasn’t representing me.  I wanted my designs to mimic all of the beautiful flowers I had seen in Europe through my travels.  I began researching European Floral design schools, and one caught my attention. I selected La Belle Ecole (The Beautiful School), which was held in the amazing Hotel de Crillon on the Place de la Concorde in Paris, France.  This historic hotel is one of the most luxurious, beautiful, over-the-top hotels in Paris, and I had a chance to attend.  It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life.  We created several works of art each day.  I would carry most of them back to my hotel room, which began to look like a floral studio.  I retrained my brain to do everything the European way.  European floral design is completely different than what we see here in the States.  It is different in both appearance and technique.  After graduation, I couldn’t wait to return and implement the things I had learned into my upcoming events.

I have now been creating beautiful events for 10 years.  My clients continue to absolutely love my designs.  I am told often that it is unlike anything that they have seen.  Brides now come to me because they have seen my work and want it for their big day.  I continuously travel to Europe to expand my repertoire of knowledge and creativity.  I visit bridal salons, floral markets, and studios.  I bring back the most cutting edge ideas and meld them into my continuously evolving skill set.

This blog will be everything floral.  The name fleur de Friday translates to Flower of Friday.  Every Friday, I will discuss something flower related.  Flowers are a huge part of my life and I hope that reading this blog will allow you to love them as much as I do.  Now that you know who I am and how I got here, I hope you visit each week to share in my obsession with everything floral.


The Hotel de Crillon where I attended floral design school.

image-1imageTwo of the arrangements I created during my European training.


A trip to a floral market just outside of Paris.

image-3A floral market in Dublin, Ireland.

image-5My favorite floral market in Paris. It is only a short walk from the hotel I always stay in. I visit it several times each trip.

image-6I purchased this one to take to my hotel room during my latest stay in Paris.