Madyson Kovatch

Event Specialist
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Madyson has worked in all aspects of the event production and design industry for over 13 years. She took her creativity and experience and opened Save the Date Events, a full-service event production and floral design company that produces and designs intimate to large-scale events such as weddings, bar/bat-mitzvahs, sweet 16’s, corporate events and private parties, just to name a few. She began her journey working as an assistant to a wedding DJ, then moved on to being the director of sales at a wedding venue and now she is more than thrilled to be offering planning services to hundreds of Jacksonville brides. Her intense passion for weddings and attune attention to detail make for an extremely successful event! Although she has formal training and certificates, Madyson believes that the best marker of success is many successful events and happy customers.

Moment I LOVE

Right after the bride & groom kiss and they turn to walk back down the aisle! The VERY first moment they share as husband and wife!! I will admit, I still tear up! I quickly brush it away and get back to business!

Favorite City

I haven’t traveled out of the country very much, except to Jamaica (LOVE)! But, I love love love New York!! I love the energy there!

Favorite Moment at My Own Wedding

Wow, this is a tough one! I still 100% feel like my wedding day was the best day of my life and there were so many amazing moments! However, I think it was when I was getting ready and I sat in the corner of the room for just a moment by myself and realized that this was the one time in my life that I would have ALL of these people in the same room. My family, his family, my friends, his friends, our mutual friends, they were all going to be there. My bridal suite was so overfilled with love that I couldn’t wait to get to the reception and have it even more full! It was a great moment!

Favorite Cake Flavor

Strawberry cake with white chocolate almond frosting and strawberry filling!! YUMMY!

Best Thing About Being a Planner

That’s easy… it is watching someones dreams literally unfold and knowing that my clients trust me with such a precious day!

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. — Eden Ahbez, “Nature Boy” (song, recorded by Nat King Cole)


A note from Madyson

I just want to share with you my passion for what it is that we do here at Save the Date Events! From the time I was 15, I have worked in the wedding and event industry in some form or another. To me, it is something that I was made to do! I love everything about a wedding; seeing a room transform into something spectacular, the smell of fresh flowers, the sweet smile when the bride and groom taste their wedding cake, the laughter and tears of the guest, the noisy chatter that fills the reception, but most of all the memories that we watch unfold. There is nothing like being part of such an important time in people’s lives. This is when life begins as one, when you move forward promising to push through together. I have always been honored to be trusted with the duty of making sure that your wedding day is exactly what you hoped it would be.

Over time I have come to realize that the most valuable thing that I do as an event specialist is make the planning process fun and relaxing for you. I do the planning, budgeting and coordinating so that you get to focus on the exciting parts of designing your event. I recommend vendors that I trust, vendors that I would personally hire for my own wedding. These are people that I have a working history with that have consistently provided amazing service. I can promise you this, this may be my 500th wedding, but I never forget that it is your ONE and only wedding! I am so excited that you stopped by our site and I hope we have the opportunity to make your event something unimaginably wonderful for you!