My Trip Monday… Explained

Engagement Photo

So… I got engaged on April 4, 2010. It was Easter Sunday and it was perfect!! The picture above was moments after he proposed! As a wedding planner, I had initially decided that it would be extremely easy to plan my own wedding! But oh, the pressure!!! It would have to be the best wedding that I ever planned, the grandest, the most impressive!! Five minutes of those thoughts and I immediately decided to switch gears…

I decided that maybe I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself as much if I did it that way… I would feel the need to work and organize things and wouldn’t truly be able to enjoy it! So, I thought Hawaii!! Destination wedding with 20 of our closest friends and family. That was it! The answer to my “pressure” problem. I would totally rely on the resort manager in Hawaii to plan everything and because I am so far away, I would feel less responsible. I mean, after all I do have my clients to focus on and my own wedding planning might take me away from that! I told all of my family and friends about my desire to have a low-key destination wedding. Good news, you all get to go to Hawaii!! Most people were excited, with the exception of my favorite aunt that refuses to fly (huge problem) and my future mother in law. I could have gotten past the aunt flying thing… I mean I could cruise her there on a boat, right? One thing you will learn while reading this blog is this… wedding planners think ANYTHING is possible, and usually it is! Anyhow, back to my future MIL… I could see the horror in her face as I told her that we were having only 20 guests. I couldn’t bare the thought of disappointing her! I also didn’t want to start my marriage to Billy and his family off with friction! Now, this goes against most of the advice I will give my brides. Normally, I will say “you have to do what is best for the two of you, there is no way of pleasing everyone.” However, I think a little part of me wanted the big wedding too, so my future MIL’s reaction was the perfect excuse to have the wedding I had dreamed of planning for years! So, I decided, if I was going to do it, I would do it all the way! It would be difficult to plan something I have never seen or done, but it would be possible! THEN, I decided, I would journal the whole thing! I would keep track of what it felt like to plan my own wedding, something I had done for others for years! In 2011 I bought the web domain, and decided to turn my journals into a blog. But, life got hectic and I never published it! If you read this blog and follow my journey, you will see why it has taken me this long to get it done. Finally though, I will be able to share my personal planning experience with you! Instead of it being on its own blog, I have decided to incorporate it as part of my business blog. Here, it will be called “My Trip”. Look back often for the next step in my wedding planning journey!!

Yours Truly,


Founder, Save the Date Events